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The Alpha® Pool Coping Kit comes with all of the components necessary for the coping application for 5 cm (2-inch) thickness. Alpha also offers a 6 cm (2 ³/₈-inch) Profiler V as an optional profile wheel. The Profiler will create a uniform bullnose edge with ease using the VDP-700 variable speed rotary polisher when used with wet sanding/polishing kit (WSPKIT). The kit also comes with all accessories such as a waterproof apron and GFCI for a safe and comfortable operation. The kit is simple and provides a turnkey solution for hardscape contractors to make more money.
Custom Building Products
Improve your trowel and improve your mortar coverage under large and heavy tiles. SuperiorBilt® Premium Notch Trowel from Custom® Building Products features a rust-free, heavy duty, patented notch pattern that delivers increased coverage with less effort. Premium Notch Trowels are designed to promote ridge collapse for better mortar transfer. SuperiorBilt tools from Custom deliver reliable professional performance when applying subfloor prep products, mortars and grouts to successfully install tile or stone. Comfortable, ergonomic and balanced, every tile contractor should have a full assortment of SuperBilt tools.
Noise and cracking represent two of the greatest challenges for tile setters. KeedeRoll™ MT by Dependable creates a system to control both in one roll. Using patented MT “muffling” technology, KeedeRoll MT provides a fast, durable and cost-effective solution to protect tile and reduce unwanted noise in today’s fast-track construction environment. KeedeRoll MT is a geometrically shaped roll with entangled net bonded to patented MT fabric.
Johns Manville
GoBoard® Seam Fabric from Johns Manville is a lightweight, point-bonded polyester non-woven that is specifically designed to enhance the performance of GoBoard tile application products. When used with GoBoard, it increases tensile strength at the joints and provides superior adhesion between GoBoard Pro Sealant and thinset mortars without needing to wait for the sealant to skin over.
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The new and improved Strata_Heat™ system by Laticrete is the most advanced electric radiant floor heating system available. This system can be installed under tile, stone, vinyl, carpet or hardwood floor thanks to the spliceless wire, translucent mat and thermal pack. The new spliceless wire removes the need to bury the cold lead into the subfloor, thus removing a step in the application process, making installations quicker and easier. Strata_Heat offers customers peace-of-mind due to its greater efficiencies, includes smart home integration and comes with a system warranty.
Marshalltown recently released the FASTcap™ Tile Leveling System, an innovative leveling system for floor and wall tile. The FASTcap System features three spacer base varieties and ratchet caps designed for reuse for future jobs. It requires no additional tools to install. In a quick and easy process, the rachet caps are pressed over the spacer bases until they meet tile. This eliminates the fatiguing process of spinning caps on and off bases. Additionally, the three spacer base designs cut down on the number of bases needed for tile intersections, saving the user time and money.
M-D Pro
M-D Pro’s SmartTool™ Digital Levels with custom, patented sensor technology offer exceptional accuracy for pros. Available in 24-, 48- and 72-inch lengths, these digital levels are perfect for door frames, long spans, concrete forms, drainage and application-specific formulas. All levels are IP65-certified water and dustproof and come equipped with a backlit display for high visibility, guided calibration functionality and five instant angle conversion modes.
Miracle Sealant
Miracle Sealants’ Levolution makes it easy to install evenly spaced, lippage-free tile quickly, so it’s secure throughout the setting material curing process. The spacers are durable and take the guesswork out of your project. The caps are reusable and provide a wide base for strong and accurate tension creating tile that is level with its neighbor. Use less clips with Levolution, as proper spacing requires only two pieces, saving time over clips and wedges that use up to eight pieces for the same result. Level up your tile setting game with Levolution.
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Progress Profiles
The Proleveling System and Proleveling Wedges System from Progress Profiles allow to keep under control the alignment of tiles, guaranteeing maximum accuracy and great results. The first system is patented to get a quick and easy work thanks to the transparency and punctures of the rotating pomel cap. The elements of the second system provide many advantages: the direct attachment of spacers onto the base, a greater adhesion surface between the adhesive and the tile, a specific color for each leveler -- suitable to different grout lines and tile’s thickness.
QEP Co., Inc
QEP Co., Inc. announced three new high-performance professional tile tools to complement their Xtreme Series Slimline Cutters assortment. The Xtreme Pro Control Glass Nipper features an adjustable, three-position tile thickness lock to minimize hand fatigue, SharpTrack™ cutting wheels to identify used cutting edges and an adjustable tile depth guide. The Xtreme Offset Tile Nipper is designed with offset tungsten carbide tips for smoothing irregular shapes and features an angled jaw for precise cuts. The Xtreme Double Suction Cup features a textured non-slip grip and holds up to 132 pounds.
LAB330 from Raimondi is the bridge saw (water-cooled diamond blade) specifically designed for performing straight cut as well as 45-degree miter cuts on large-format tiles up to 330 cm (10.8 feet) in length. The miter cut can be performed on tiles up to 160 cm wide (can be widened up to 330 cm, thanks to dedicated accessories) and 320 cm long. LAB330 comes standard with two-side benches equipped with a counter-square, powerful 2.2 Kw motor and Ø 200 mm diamond blade.
Rubi Tools
The ND 7-inch Ready from Rubi Tools is a portable desktop electric cutter. It is recommended for cutting stoneware, tiles, refractories and other materials. The cutter features a stainless steel table with one folding side, which adjusts for precise 22.5- and 45-degree bevel cuts. It has an extruded aluminium side stop, fits and locks securely for maximum support on large tiles and has a single-action lever lock for fast and accurate repetitive cuts. The transparent splashguard provides a clear view of the blade and line of cut for precision alignment.
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The matte black, white and natural tones offered by Schluter®-Trendline tectured, color-coated aluminum profiles fit with current tile and décor choices in many situations. These profiles are now available in 10-foot (3.05-meter) lengths, which are ideally suited for the growing design choice for high tiled walls in many areas of the home, including showers. The longer profile lengths minimize visible connecting joints for a cleaner final appearance and they reduce material waste on the jobsite. These profiles can be used on walls, floors, countertops and in many other tile applications.
wedi Shower System components can be safely adhered and sealed in assemblies using wedi Joint Sealant, which provides a strong reinforcement and internal strength, high adhesion and waterproofing qualities with virtually no build-up compared to conventional taping methods. Since no other seal is necessary, craftsmen benefit from increased protection accompanied by a shorter surface preparation time before tiling starts