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Arizona Tile
Flash is a ceramic tile series created in Spain. It is offered in eight colors and two sizes. Its undulated surface adds understated character to the material, providing visual texture to its otherwise clean, static look. Arizona Tile carries Flash in 3- x 12-inch tiles, which take a modern twist on classic subway tiles, as well as a 5- x 5-inch squared option -- a surprisingly refreshing alternative with style that is a clear nod to vintage designs. Charming yet contemporary, Flash ceramic provides ample style versatility with endless design opportunities.
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Artaic recently introduced its newest design collection, Quad, featuring intricate mosaic patterns that showcase a wide array of tile geometries through the use of innovative compositions. Part of the new collection, Firework offers a unique mosaic composition with the ability to mix different tile sizes, patterns and colors. Featuring modular capabilities, the Quad Collection can be used in grid style, classic and modular alignments. Inspired by the properties of Artaic’s vitreous glass and glazed porcelain tile lines, the collection can be custom fit to any wall, floor or ceiling.
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Baldocer Cerámica
Maia by Baldocer Cerámica was born from the idea of bringing the design of a classic hydraulic closer to new technologies. Made in digital injection with a gloss chameleon finish, it manages to create the effect of handmade ceramics.
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Ceramica Mayor
Amazonia from Ceramica Mayor arises from natural wood. Its grains, colors and textures have been carefully created to obtain the finish that is most similar to reality, but in a much more ecological way, leaving aside the felling of trees and adding to innovation all of the advantages of porcelain stoneware. A series that expands longitudinally throughout an entire space, providing warmth and union, the avant-garde without forgetting tradition.
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Casalgrande Padana
Casalgrande Padana’s Atelier collection is a new line of elegant, contemporary porcelain tiles that bring color and personality to both interior and exterior spaces on a large scale. The tiles are available in eight vibrant shades — Ruby, Teal, Indigo, Ultramarine, Lavender, Cornflower Blue, Brume and Crystal — and large-format sizes ranging from 16 x 47 to 47 x 109 inches. The Atelier collection’s versatility makes it an excellent surfacing choice for interior wallcoverings and flooring, as well as exterior applications, including exterior facades.
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Ceramica Sant’Agostino
Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s new Deconcrete collection is a modern take on classic terrazzo, with a kaleidoscope of chips and flakes scattered across a concrete-effect porcelain surface. These decorative floor and wall tiles come in four main colors -- White, Sand, Pearl and Gray -- and three graphic options: micro, medium and maxi. Deconcrete is available in three square sizes (24 x 24, 36 x 36 and 48 x 48 inches) and one 12- x 12-inch mosaic decor. Deconcrete is an ideal choice for architects and designers looking to add a unique aesthetic to their projects.
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Ceramiche Refin
Ceramiche Refin offers a wide selection of bathroom solutions, inspired by different sources and with different patterns and textures. One of the Refin ranges that can decorate bathrooms includes the newly launched Riflessi. Riflessi brings into the bathroom the timeless charm of the sea and the Mediterranean landscapes, inspiring warm, cozy feelings that go straight to the heart. Its vibrant shades and patterns recall the distinctive features of an old-style decorative technique that exudes history and precious elegance.
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The Kenia series by Cerlat is available in three different formats — hexagon, square and rectangle — and draws inspiration from the traditional Marquina Carrara classic collections.
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Whether considered a classic or a trend for today’s designs, mosaics are a popular choice for their versatility in application. Multiplier from Crossville is no exception. With three colors and shapes (square, penny round and hexagon), this concise offering quickly expands with possibility. Work with your installer to create traditional mosaic patterns for floor and wall or go bold with gradations, random insets of tone and more. Attractively priced, Multiplier can help grow your creativity without growing your budget.
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Daltile’s new Perpetuo collection delivers the beauty of luxurious marble visuals in durable porcelain tile that stands up to everyday life. Perpetuo features elegant marble designs in five timeless colors. Included in the collection are 8-inch hexagon decorative accents that impress, including a stunning black and white duo.
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Del Conca USA
Chamonix by Del Conca USA is a new porcelain tile collection with a stone-effect rich in meticulous fragments of various stones, sedimented and embedded in the material, which allow nature to indirectly enter the living spaces. A color palette with warm and cool shades makes it suitable for a variety of living styles (Gray, Dark Gray, Bianco and Beige). Thanks to the increased thickness, Chamonix2 is ideal for walkways, pools and outdoor showers; it is perfect to enjoy the exterior areas in complete safety and harmony making them unique, prestigious, refined and timeless.
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Dual Gres
Wood Essence is a collection of wall and floor tiles by Dual Gres, designed to put us in harmony with nature. Available in a range of colors, from whites to warm tones to shades of gray, the collection adds a touch of contemporary sophistication.
El Molino
A collection that refuses to go unnoticed. Its originality and beauty lies in the play of materials, the gloss, the mattes and its spectacular finish. Eclipse by El Molino is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
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Emser Tile
Modan™ unglazed ceramic tile by Emser Tile is a study in the power of contrasts — smooth and concave, rough and matte, light and shadow. Simple in concept with an appreciation for modern design, Modan calls to the senses, while enhancing any space where this unique tile lives. Four rich colors — White, Silver, Rust and Black — open the door to possibility. Modan is available is two sizes: 2 x 2 inches and 12- x 12-inch mesh sheets.
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Fiandre, part of the Iris Ceramica Group, recently introduced new marble-look colors in the Maximum Marmi porcelain collection. Invisible’s surface is dominated by a pure white background traversed by a web of gray veins, from thick to fine, mottled with golden accents. The polished and honed finishes enhance the beauty of Invisible’s surface even more, with its attention to detail and extraordinary realism. Maximum Marmi’s large format 300- x 150-cm (118- x 59-inch) tiles allow large areas to be covered with a uniform cladding that further enhances the beauty of rooms.
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The Blue Savoy collection by Flaviker was inspired by marble that originates from the French Alps. This contemporary porcelain tile collection stands out for its unique style and color palette with four contemporary gray tones and two colored decors, Moon and Blue, which have a textured effect. The tiles are available in three thicknesses — 6, 9 and 20 mm — and many sizes. In addition to standard sizes, the large slabs (5 ¹/₄ x 10 ¹/₂ and 4 x 9 feet) in this collection are ideal for building custom furnishings like countertops, bathroom vanities, bathtubs and more.
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Island Stone
Island Stone’s new Celestial glass tiles are the perfect choice for projects that need an extra bit of sparkle. The tiles offer a subtle metallic bling, with the dimension of the glass, infusing extra depth to evoke the feeling of a starry night sky. Because the focus is on the starry color with just the right amount of sparkle, the tile is strikingly modern and bold, yet not busy. Celestial come in four colors — Moon Beam, Dusk, Dark Star and Galaxy Blue — with a glossy finish.
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Mediterranea’s Waterfalls series showcases a unique collection of stone graphics, curated with close attention to detail and color. These unique graphics flow like a waterfall from piece to piece, offering a bold and distinctive design statement. Made in the U.S., Waterfalls porcelain floor tiles are offered in three colors — White Water, River Rush and Niagara Crush — and three rectified sizes: 12 x 48, 8 x 48 and 24 x 48 inches. Waterfalls is also available in a 12- x 24-inch pressed format and an Italian-made 4- x 12 -inch ceramic wall tile.
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Discover a modern love story with Durban Romance from MSI. This stylish collection of porcelain tile will add sophistication and intrigue to any space. Cool, neutral tones in Anthracite, Gray and White create a dreamy, calming aesthetic. Available in multiple sizes (2 x 2, 12 x 24 and 24 x 48 inches) with both matte and polished finishes, the tiles offer endless possibilities for residential and commercial applications. Declare your love of design with Durban Romance and create backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, accents walls, showers and vertical spaces that will have people talking for years to come.
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Unique Travertine from Provenza is a perfect blend of classic materials and contemporary design. It’s a striking, versatile series, available in four elegant shades and finishes for a fresh, contemporary take on travertine that evokes romantic images of a luxury Italian villa. The porcelain tiles are available in three thicknesses — 9 ¹/₂, 10 ¹/₂ and 20 mm), four surface effects (ancient, minimal, ruled and vein-cut) and four finishes. For outdoor applications, the 20-mm-thick porcelain paver, which measures 24 x 47 inches, has a natural, anti-slip surface.
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Equus continues the tale of Sartoria, a brand of Terratinta Group that has its roots in the tradition of handmade ceramics. Equus was born from an equestrian inspiration that Sartoria decided to explore and decline in different codifications. The collection combines sophisticated geometries with timeless architectural forms. Equus proposes three types of surfaces: Field, Hoof (pictured) and Pavé. Hoof includes a sculpted tile combining two different finishes: matte and glossy. The tiles are dry-pressed in an exclusive 12-mm-thick mold and engraved with a 7-mm-deep ellipse. The ellipse repeats the horse’s hoof print and is then glazed and vitrified, using the traditional silkscreen printing method typical of artisanal third-firing productions.
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StonePeak Ceramics
Introducing StonePeak Ceramics’ newest porcelain tile collection, Wave. The Wave collection features subtle movement and neutral tones that range from serene grays to peaceful blues and is available in honed and textured finishes. Wave is available in five neutral colors: Ice, Sand, Ash, Seaweed and Coal. Each color is available in 12 x 24 and 24 x 24 inches. The tiles are complemented by retro Art Nouveau-inspired fanned decos. The collection also features 2- x 12-, 4- x 4- and 2- x 2-inch mosaics. The trim system includes a honed 3- x 24-inch bullnose and 6- x 12-inch cove base.
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Bali Stone is a new collection by Undefasa with antibacterial properties designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
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Yurtbay Seramik
Creating luxurious and sophisticated spaces is easier than ever with the Quest series that combines delicate and more marked veining patterns. It is available in two colors — Gray and Ivory colors — and 12- x 24-, 24- x 24- and 24- x 48-inch formats. With its state-of-the-art HD printing and polishing technologies, Yurtbay Seramik offers all sizes of the Quest series in both matte and polished finishes, and once again emphasizes its “from nature to art” motto.